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Carriage Services Announces the Acquisition of Greenlawn Funeral Homes

Carriage Services, Inc. (“Carriage” or “Carriage Services”) is pleased to announce that it has
acquired substantially all the assets of Greenlawn Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Cremations
and Wood Family Funeral Service (collectively “Greenlawn”), consisting of three funeral homes,
two cemeteries, and a cremation focused business, located in the Bakersfield, California market.
Jim La Mar, President and Chief Executive Officer for Greenlawn stated, “Having worked for
Greenlawn since 1990, it is truly more than a business, it is my identity. As the face of our company,
I could never envision placing Greenlawn’s future and wellbeing in anyone’s hands other than my
own. Knowing we needed to create a succession plan so that our community and staff could be
well taken care of, I didn’t know where to turn. A referral from a dear friend in the industry put me
in touch with Carriage. Today, as we are closing on this transaction, I can truly say it was the best
move we could have made. Carriage’s business model is in perfect alignment with my beliefs
regarding how a business should conduct itself within this profession.

Carriage has been extremely professional and helpful throughout this process in helping us get
across the finish line in a timely manner, with as little stress as possible. I’d strongly recommend
Carriage as part of any Company’s succession plan.” Steve Metzger, Executive Vice President and Chief
Administrative Officer for Carriage Services stated, “Greenlawn is a special business with an important
legacy and deep ties within the Bakersfield community. We are honored that Jim La Mar, Tom Bell, and
the Greenlawn Board selected Carriage to carry the Greenlawn tradition forward. We look forward to
supporting the Greenlawn team and building upon the strong foundation already in place.

The addition of Greenlawn, which serves thousands of families each year and is the preeminent
funeral home and cemetery business in Bakersfield, with a nearly 40% market share, aligns well
with our focus on partnering with the highest quality independent funeral and cemetery businesses
in large and growing markets.”


Carriage Services is a leading provider of funeral and cemetery services and merchandise in the
United States. Carriage operates 170 funeral homes in 26 states and 30 cemeteries in 11 states.
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