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Tailored Involvement

Question: After partnering with Carriage, can you choose your own involvement level?

“You still own the business. You can still run the business. The Houston Support Team is there to help you, support you and guide you in the right direction … but never tell you what to do.”

“Basically, the decentralization model is where you manage the business. I still make the day-to-day decisions. We make all the decisions from the bottom up. Carriage has a great support team. They don’t call themselves ‘Home Office.’ They call themselves the Houston Support Team. They’re always a phone call away and help me to be stress free.”

Team Growth

Question: How can partnering with Carriage help you and your team grow?

“What you find with any small business, you spend so much time doing administrative work. This just got to be so cumbersome. By partnering with Carriage, I was set free.”

“It took all those monkeys off my back and that was a wonderful feeling. I could simply be a funeral director again. It allowed me to focus on my client families. It allowed me to focus on growing my team — in the way that suited both the business itself and the needs of my individual employees on their own professional journeys.”

Operation Support

How can partnering with Carriage
help you and your team grow?

“Everything from IT and Accounting to Legal and HR. One time, I had an HR issue and Carriage was there the whole time.”

“I talked to HR. The HR team member made it very clear, and said: ‘This is ultimately your decision, but let me just let you know that HR is here to back you up, as well as Legal. Whatever decision you make, we’re here for you.’ That really was reassuring, especially at the time I had to make that difficult decision.”