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Legacy Preservation

The name you built stays

Carriage starts by already understanding that you’ve spent years building a local reputation and good will in your community. Let us be clear: your location name will not be changed if you choose to join the Carriage Services network.

The good will and name of your business that you’ve spent years cultivating in your community will be carried on. Sound too good to be true? See what other funeral home owners who have partnered with us have to say.

Choose your involvement

You decide your role going forward

Whether you want to continue leading the ship, start a new chapter or somewhere in between, a partnership with Carriage Services is based on you having full control of how much involvement you want in the funeral home or cemetery after partnering.

Owners who have already partnered with Carriage often point to this ability as a huge factor of why they joined. Some chose to stay completely in charge of every decision, others chose different levels. Choose the involvement level that’s right for you.

Looking back, I can only say it’s been a wonderful experience.

– Ben Friberg, Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory


Provide for your staff

Carriage will strive to ensure the continuity of your staff is maintained. The organization promotes an environment for employees that is supportive and fosters individual improvement.

Whether it’s an opportunity for career growth or a more comprehensive package of compensation and benefits, being part of a larger team can provide new advantages for your current team.


Real support on a variety of industry challenges

Joining Carriage gives your team access to world-class support, specifically in the areas of HR, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Risk Management and IT/Website, along with access to professionally network and share ideas with the top operators in the funeral home industry.

The idea is that by giving you top-notch expertise and support, you are free to focus “on your business” instead of being consumed by the day-to-day administrative work.