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Standards Council

The Best of the Best

The Standards Council is a group of high performing funeral home and cemetery owners within the Carriage Services network. This leadership team is dedicated to providing owners with industry leading knowledge and guidance.

The Standards Council is always available for local owners to consult regarding any challenges that exist within your business or local market. Also, the Standards Council is available to collaborate with on new ideas that funeral home owners might have to further their business and its positive impact on the local community.

Standards Operating Model

Designed for long-term high performance, not just next quarter

The Standards Operating Model at Carriage is designed for long-term high performance, not like “top-down,” “budget” and “control operating models” that are meant to maximize short-term profits and are often harmful to the health and growth of the businesses themselves.

The Standards Operating Model is based 50% on qualitative standards and 50% quantitative metrics. It’s built to drive long-term performance by producing consistent, modest revenue growth and a sustainable, increasing level of earnings and cash flow for each location.

We aim for high performance, then we reward it.

– Mel Payne, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Performance Incentives

Rewarding results

Every funeral home and cemetery in the Carriage Services network is eligible for both our annual and long-term bonus plans that reward high performance.

The variable annual bonus plan allows owners to earn a percentage of their location’s calendar year earnings by exceeds 50% of their annual achievement performance goal. Owners are also eligible for a long-term variable bonus payment by achieving a 2% increase in revenue growth over 5 years.