Acquisition Model

Selectively choosing partners that are right for Carriage

The local funeral homes and cemeteries that Carriage Services have partnered with all have 3 qualities: passionate partners, businesses with heritage and the clear willingness & desire to improve.

Carriage wants to partner with like-minded owners that have a passion for their business and their community. A business that has a history of goodwill in their community is something that gets our team excited. And last but not least, the desire to “Be The Best” and the drive to improve the way we deliver for families is just the kind of partner we love.

Carriage Services


Strategic areas of focus leading to sustained growth

Personalized Memorable Services: Providing funeral services that are meaningful to each family and memorable to each guest

Increase Market Share: Higher return rates of family and guests after quality and personalized experiences at a Carriage Services funeral and business growth from localized decision making/expert operational support

High Quality Employee Talent: Continually attracting the best candidates and potential acquisition locations from reputation and practices that are best for the employee/individual location

Higher Earnings & Cash Accumulation: Increased earnings and cash accumulation from returning families and guests impressed with the quality and personalization experiences

Strategic Reinvestment: Identify and fund areas that will allow for local funeral homes to grow their business, including People/Talent, IT, Dividends, Debt Paydown and Acquisitions