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Who We Are

A true partner for local funeral homes & cemeteries

Instead of dictating “top down” decisions from a corporate headquarters, Carriage offers the local funeral home and cemetery owner access to powerful industry information and resources. This includes support and advice from experts in the fields of HR, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Risk Management and IT/Website, along with direct contact to the top operators in the death care industry.

Founded in 1991, Carriage Services has become a funeral industry leader that’s currently operating 230+ funeral homes and cemeteries nationwide. The team spans 2000+ team members composed of local people serving their communities at the highest level of service.

Decentralized Structure

Driving performance through local successes

The Carriage Services business model is decentralized, keeping local funeral home and cemetery owners in charge of key decisions.

The Decentralized Model allows local funeral home owners — who already intimately know their own local community, its people and its unique concerns — to continue to make the choices that are right for their specific circumstances.

We empower local businesses to make local decisions.

– Mel Payne, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Personalized Services

Delivering personalized funerals for every family

Each family being served by a Carriage partner is placing trust in us to honor the memory and life of their loved one in a meaningful way. Carriage Services takes that trust to heart, and believes in cooperating human personalized touches to make each memorial service unique and memorable.

This personalized approach flows through every choice we make, from the smells in the room to creative candle ceremonies, and other unique ways to incorporate character and culture into each service.


Partnering with owners, not “taking them over”

When a local funeral home or cemetery owner joins Carriage Services, they choose the partnership details and level of future involvement they’ll have in the location. They choose what decisions to stay in control of and what they want to delegate.

It’s a partnership that’s built around their wants and needs. This approach is just the start of what a local funeral home owner or cemetery operator can expect from Carriage Services.