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Fred Richardt

San Juan Funeraria

When I decided to look for a succession plan, I ended up with several offers and ultimately selected Carriage because of their history, reputation, and the relationship they built with me over a short period of time. I reached out to other previous owners who had partnered with Carriage and received nothing but positive feedback. I felt confident that not only would they continue to operate the business in the same manner I did for 22 years, take great care of the people, but also invest in the growth of the business.

Dewayne Cain

Rest Haven Funeral Home & Cemetery

When looking for a partner for my business, I chose Carriage because of the commitment they gave regarding continued investment in the business. They don’t just acquire and then trim costs, it’s the exact opposite. They work to identify areas in need of growth, then make the necessary investments.

James Terry

James Terry Funeral Home

I love the entrepreneurial spirit of Carriage. I have never worked for anybody and I still don’t, I partner with Carriage. I view the whole organization as my partner, and I run the business now the same way I did when I owned the business. I still have the same passion and abilities that I did before.

Justin Luyben

Evans-Brown Mortuary

My partnership with Carriage has benefited me personally through simple interactions with other high-performing leaders at Carriage. These relationships have spring boarded my personal development by sharing ideas on operations, sales, merchandising, and marketing. Having very intelligent, hard-working partners to collaborate with has been very advantageous to the growth of my business and me as a leader.


Our in-house legal and risk management teamsteam assists our businesses in navigating the complex legal environment in the death care space.

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Market Data
  • Pricing Analysis

Sales & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing group provides innovation and creative solutions for our businesses.

  • Sales Support Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design & Multi-Media

Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

Finding the right who and retaining them is a challenge for any business. The Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams assist our businesses with this process and provide time and cost saving people management resources.

  • Benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources

Information Technology

In the ever changing world of technology, our Information Technology group ensures that we are at the forefront of the industry in everything from hardware, to software and security.

  • Systems Security
  • Software Development
  • IT Project Management

Finance & Accounting

The accounting and tax teams provide financial expertise to the field businesses to ensure that their financial health is maintained.

  • Tax
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial Accounting

Legal & Risk Management

Our in-house legal team assists our businesses in navigating the complex legal environment in the death care space.

  • Industry Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Contract Review
  • Insurance Coverage and Claim Management