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Question: What are your favorite things about working at Carriage Services?

Endia Johnson

Corporate Accounts Payable

Answer: My favorite things about working at Carriage Services:

  1. Carriage is a great company to work!
  2. Providing innovated ideas to the families we serve!
  3. Exceeding legendary leadership throughout the industry!
  4. The environment is always positive!
  5. Seeing the growth of the company over years has been amazing!
  6. Carriage has an extraordinary edge others try to imitate!
  7. Being the Best is Carriage Services!

Brianna Rutherford

Funeral Director

Answer: With each new day and call, I am not only thankful, but highly impressed by Carriage Services. As an employee, I am given continued support and unending resources that enable me and my coworkers to offer the best service to our families and communities. Throughout the pandemic, Carriage Services has held the safety of myself and my coworkers as the top priority. We have been offered and given protective equipment, support, and other means to ensure we stay as healthy as possible. Working for a company that takes safety so seriously is not easy to come by.


Question: How are partners seen through out the organization?

Amanda Gittelman

Managing Partner

Answer: Partners are seen as trustworthy. We serve our unique communities as we see fit. They are the communities in which we live, our children learn and play, we celebrate together and we mourn together. We know our communities best. We are not told how to serve and we are not told how to lead. We manage our businesses with our own processes and implementations. If support and guidance is needed, Carriage leadership is always there, but if their assistance is not asked for then the trust reigns. It is not a hierarchy but truly a partnership based on trust and support.

Randall Weagley

Director of Support

Answer: Throughout the Carriage Family, all employees function as partners in action; working together as one group to achieve the same success matrix.


Question: What role does the 4E leadership model play in your day-to-day job?

JC Barr

Director of Support

Answer: 4E Leadership hasn’t been a fad or a “book of the month”, it is the way to lead our teams and measure ourselves. As we make decisions we ask ourselves, first, is it supported by our Guiding Principles and second, is it consistent with the 4E Model?


Question: What do you think makes Carriage Services an innovative company?

Courtney Charvet

Managing Partner

Answer: Focusing on putting the right people and the right places, trusting them to perform, and recognizing when they do. It’s almost too simple to work.