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Donald D. Patteson, Jr.


Donald D. Patteson, Jr.

Donald D. Patteson, Jr. was elected to our Board in August 2011. Mr. Patteson was the founder and, prior to its sale in June 2014, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sovereign Business Forms, Inc. ("Sovereign"), a consolidator in a segment of the printing industry. He also served as Chief Executive Officer of Sovereign from August 1996 until his retirement in August 2008. Prior to founding Sovereign in 1996, he served as Managing Director of Sovereign Capital Partners, an investment firm specializing in leveraged buyouts.

Mr. Patteson also previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of WBC Holdings, Inc., as President and Chief Executive Officer of Temple Marine Drilling, Inc./R.C. Chapman Drilling Co., Inc., a subsidiary of GE Capital, and as President and Chief Executive Officer of Temple Drilling. Mr. Patteson worked with Atwood Oceanics, Houston Offshore International, Western Oceanic and Arthur Andersen's management consulting practice earlier in his career. Mr. Patteson served on the Board of Directors of Rosetta Resources Inc. and Cal Dive International, Inc. until mid-year 2015. Mr. Patteson has an MBA Degree from the University of Texas with a concentration in finance.

Mr. Patteson has extensive experience as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in various industries including the international offshore oil and gas service industry, which enables him to provide the Board with valuable executive and financial accounting expertise, as well as experience with major financial transactions.