Carriage Services Our Guiding Principles and Shared “Being The Best” Ten Year Vision and Execution of Each Business!
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    Decentralized Model
    Unlike any other consolidator, we truly believe that growth of the company is driven by decentralization and partnership.

Decentralization and Partnership

Our goal of operations is simple: we want to be able to see more families over time at healthy averages each time.

Our Standards Operating Model is designed for long-term high performance by growing revenues modestly at sustainable margins unlike top-down, budget and control operating models meant to maximize short-term profits to the detriment of the businesses’ health and growth.

Since our Standards represent the guidelines for our businesses to achieve our goal of operations, our Managing Partners entrepreneurially make local operating decisions in order to highly achieve their Standards and best compete in their individual markets.

Our Houston Support Center’s focus is to fully and directly support our local businesses to achieve Standards and the goal of operations.

The Results of Our Philosophy

For Business Owners

We are unique in the deathcare industry in understanding that the key decision-making for each location belongs where the knowledge resides about that market – in your business.

For Investors

Our business philosophy has separated Carriage’s performance from all of our peers in the industry. Our financial results are the natural result of our guiding principles and operating philosophy.